i realized that I feel a bit paralyzed without those tick boxes. it is how i survive and keep everything streamlined in this busy homeschooling house. at the end of the week, it’s quite a kick to see all the check marks on those tiny boxes (font: wingdings, press Q). there is indescribable *joy* in seeing all the boxes with a tick. lol. (mind you, i wasn’t always like this.) 


2 more weeks and we are finished with term 2. but all of a sudden, i couldn’t ignore the *need* to make a new weekly schedule for our lovely “riches”: poetry, drawing, art study, music study etc. i had to make a more efficient one where everything is laid out in one sheet, with just enough space for notes. 

our main schedule is from Ambleside year 1. you can see the details here. i’ve edited the AO year 1 schedule to suit our needs but i need a separate one for the *riches* so that i can take note of what we have done for the week. 

Screen Shot 2014 10 29 at 3 30 12 PM

the box below serves as my weekly guide. i ended up including more than just the “riches”.

Weekly daily

here is the final product inspired by the weekly schedule of another AO mom.

6 weeks in a sheet, showing at a glance if i am neglecting something. 

Weekly daily jpeg

*** this post will only be appreciated by you “J’s”  (Myers Briggs). ain’t it pretty? teehee 🙂

*** i’m thinking of making another one for our main Ambleside lessons.

*** i’m still figuring out where to upload the PDF version to share with you all. meanwhile, drop me an email if you’d like me to send you a version you can edit yourself.

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  1. I love your tick boxes!

    I am curious, have you been able to post an editable version yet?

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