{Not So Random Pics} Sketches, Birds, Watercolor, Chinese, Science, Queen Elizabeth


A glimpse of our week.

The pictures speak for itself. We love homeschooling.

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:: The 9 and 6 year old have been sketching different kinds of birds. They are also learning about bees, and are fascinated with its anatomy.
:: The 4 year old learned about wasps, and how they make their nests with mud or “paper”. He is now focused on learning about spiders. 
:: Years of Nature Study and being outdoors developed their scientific eye. 
:: We make sure that Art and Music are part of our day.
:: We plug in “riches” all throughout the day.
:: We are slowly learning Chinese. 
:: 9 year old son just finished reading a short biography of Queen Elizabeth. 
:: We love homeschooling 🙂

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  1. Do you have any tips or programs you like for learning Chinese? We have been using Chineasy so far and a few videos, but I'm finding it's hard to find good kid programs/videos beyond colors, numbers, and body parts, or that aren't for babies. Our daughter is Chinese so it's a big priority for us to learn. 🙂

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