4th time around with Pooh

Some highlights of 2017: I don’t buy diapers anymore, we barely use the stroller, all the kids walk to their Sunday School class on their own, and I get to enjoy Sunday Service with full attention. The high chair is now disassembled. They all take a bath on their own and dress themselves w/o much help from me. 3 out of 4 cut their own finger nails. All eat without food spilling everywhere.


After 10 years of what seems like a chaotic life, it’s all much easier now. And that is probably the reason why I’ve read more books this year and have written more on my journal. I was also able to give more of my time to be of service. I’ve been leading young ladies for bible study. I’ve presented ideas to other children through cycles of Shakespeare, biographies, art appreciation, literature, history, folk songs, and more. Best of all, I was able to share Charlotte Mason’s ideas to other like-minded parents through workshops and conversations.

2017 has definitely been great. But bittersweet as well – with youngest now being 3.

I am reading all of Pooh for the 4th time through. This time, with bunso. And I can’t help but feel sad about how time works. I would often rush our read aloud time when I only had 2 children. I felt that I needed to act quickly and do the next thing on my list. But here I am now, wanting to slow down and absolutely not rushing through Winnie the Pooh and his friends or Peter Rabbit or Mother Goose.

Grateful for motherhood’s ebbs and flows. In the end, all fall into place.


( I’ve also found time to revamp my website. I’ve been playing around with wordpress; DIY-ing my way through. Apologies if some links are not yet working. I do html tinkering when chores and readings are done and when the  kids are asleep. It might take more time to finish this project. )

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