Morning Time

Morning Time. In-Between Time. Lunch Time. Afternoon Time. Tea Time. Bed Time.

These are time slots I use when we all gather around and go through stories, music, poetry, art studies, hymns, oral math, foreign language, handicrafts, and more.

I’ve recently shared over at my instagram account a basic Morning Time flow hung on our wall. It has since changed and evolved over the years. A lot have asked how all these “riches”, including main school subjects, fit in my daily routine of homeschooling 4 children plus my niece. The simple and short answer is this: Short Lessons. This is the very reason why Charlotte Mason homeschoolers enjoy a feast of ideas on a daily basis.

The term Morning Time is not necessarily CM but it is used by a lot of CM homeschoolers. I started Morning Time as a way to incorporate subjects that are important to me but gets easily forgotten. It is the idea of going through living subjects consistently on a great day, and so it becomes essential on a bad day. And we all have bad days. Sometimes, a child is sick or mom just needs to take a break.

Here is our current flow for all these “Riches” and I included the minutes I allot for each. I literally use a timer, and just start where I left off the day before.

Morning Time
Either during breakfast or after breakfast
Bible: Proverbs (5)
Hymn (3)
Gratitude Journal (7)
Leading Little Ones to God (5)
Catechism (3)
Memory Work
– Bible Verses
– Filipino Folk Song
– Poems
– Speeches
Oral Math (7)
Poetry (7)
– Emily Dickinson for the 10 year old.
– Eugene Field for the 8 year old.
– Poems Every Child Should Know for the rest.
Filipino Song (3)
Chinese Song (3)
Filipino Read Aloud (5)
Read Aloud for the younger ones (5)


{School Proper}

Lunch Time
Lunch Read Aloud (10) (currently re-reading Mary Poppins)

Quiet Time
Individual Free Read time/play time (30 min – 1hour)

Afternoon Time
Bible Study (10) slowly studying the book of Mark and Joshua.
Bible Journal
Pilgrim’s Progress (10)
Living Science Reading (10)
Filipino Read Aloud: Lola Basyang (10)
English Read Aloud: The Secret Garden (10)

Rest/Play Time

Tea Time
(Loop Scheduling. No Time Limit but we approximately finish in 45 minutes)
Architecture + Sketches
Art / Music Appreciation
Nature Journaling

Rest/Play Time

Dinner Time

Bed Time
Family Read Aloud (currently re-reading The Red Fairy Book)

Lights out at 8pm.


I suggest listing 3 to 4 things you want to incorporate. It could be prioritizing Bible reading or Poetry. Maybe start with your morning routine? Do it consistently before adding in another subject. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with so much all at the same time. You can do all these “riches” in the morning, or spread it out like I do. The point is wanting to create this atmosphere of learning to present ideas you want to pass on. It should not be mechanical, but living.

Let these enrich your good days, and maybe save your bad ones just how it has saved ours so many times over.


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